Clayton Smith AIA LEED AP Architect


5 black stars

E. – Seattle

Relationship: Client

Project Date: January 2015

Project Cost: $100,000

Clayton Smith AIA designed two separate, major home renovations for us. It speaks volumes that we hired him for the second renovation, after our experiences with the first. He is a highly professional architect. He took the time to learn our preferences and styles, and to study the layout and history of our house. His plans and proposals were complete, and precise. He was timely and transparent in his expenses and billing. He has a superb sense of design, and a discerning aesthetic that helped us raise the level of sophistication of the final design, while preserving our own preferences and idiosyncrasies.

I would give him the highest possible recommendation

5 black stars

Z. – Seattle

Relationship: Client

Project Date: April 2014

Project Cost: More than $300,000

I recently completed a large renovation and addition. I was the acting general contractor on a project that involved a lot of moving parts. Clayton provided architectural renderings as well as helped guide the process through DPD revisions. He was very attentive to detail, responsive and made sure to call out any potential issue and/or opportunity for improvement. I really appreciated his candor and ability to distill the most complicated aspects of construction into a simple, digestible conversation. I highly recommend him and will undoubtedly utilize his services for future projects.

5 black stars

E. – Seattle

Relationship: Client

Project Date: June 2013

Project Cost: $50,000-$100,000

Clayton Smith redesigned the kitchen in my Seattle house in 2013. He brought his skills as an architect of both residential and commercial restaurants to my home kitchen remodel, for which I continue to be grateful!

Clayton was able to solve the many challenges of a kitchen redesign in a 1906 house: moving a basement stairway, reusing cabinets, fixtures and appliances when possible, creating a flow between the kitchen and the other rooms adjacent to it. He worked with me to choose surfaces that pleased me as a designer and stayed within my budget. He took the time to visit appliance dealers with me, and also helped me negotiate issues with the contractor like the timely completion of the job. The kitchen is understated, elegant, and exactly what I wanted. It seems like it’s always been this way.

I can’t recommend him highly enough. I will include photos as soon as I take some.

5 black stars

J. – Seattle

Relationship: I hired this professional to design the addition of a tram to our property, with related building alterations.

Project Date: April 2010

Project Cost: More than $100,000

In 2010 we contracted with Prestige Custom Builders to design and build a tram on the hill behind our house. The tram was built to reach the garage which is on the street above our house.

Overall he was very helpful in completing the project within the time frame and budget. Another project came up at our home and we again hired Clayton for that project.